About Us

The Political History Group (PHG) aims to promote and support research in Political history and the study of Political history in Canada .  It considers “Political history” in very broad terms, and encourages the study of politics, public policy, governance, the state, Political economy, Political sociology, civil society, elections, foreign policy, international relations, legal history and other facets of Political life from diverse theoretical and empirical approaches.  We are affiliated with the Canadian Historical Association, and our members include graduate students, professors and other scholars and public historians interested in Political issues.

Meet us, Monday 29 may: 11:45-13:15 (POD 366), at the Congress 2017, CHA-SHC conference, Ryerson University, Toronto.

And for our Roundtable, Monday 29 may:


Download the program here: https://www.congress2017.ca/sites/default/files/sites/default/uploads/Programs/26-cha-shc-2017-04-26-final.pdf

Executive Members

Chair – Bradley Miller, University of British Columbia

                     Vice-Chair Stephane Savard, University de Quebec a Montreal

Treasurer – Stephanie Bangarth, Western University

Secretary/Wemaster –Magali Deleuze, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston