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50th Anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Project

Dear colleagues,

Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, and several of us have been talking about how we might use this anniversary most productively at next year’s CHA meeting, and perhaps beyond. We invite you (grad students, sessionals, postdocs, adjuncts, faculty, etc.,) to join the conversation.

We (Elise Chenier, Magda Fahrni, Nancy Janovicek, and Rhonda Hinther) are interested in revisiting the Commission’s Report, and simultaneously widening the lens beyond its scope to address issues that were overlooked, ignored, or insufficiently explored, such as concerns particular to indigenous women, to women of colour, to lesbians/issues regarding sexuality, and issues regarding disability. Please add more to this preliminary list. We hope to find a balance between appreciating and honouring the work that was done, while bringing a decidedly intersectional, anti-colonial lens to bear on our exploration of equity, particularly as it relates to women.

Here are some preliminary ideas being developed, and we look forward to many more:

  • a public exhibit of text and images from the commission and related feminist events/milestones from that period
  • a roundtable discussion of the legacy of the Commission and consideration of present-day issues (perhaps with historians and local feminist activists?)
  • a presentation by Elise Chenier’s oral history students on lesbians in the women’s movement

We also want to address an issue raised by Valerie Korinek in her keynote this year: the very low participation of men in sessions by and about women’s history/historians. We recognize that not everyone will want to take up this work, which is perfectly understandable. But some of you may, for example, be interested in organizing an introductory session on teaching and learning feminist approaches to Canadian history. Perhaps there are men who would like to take this on? Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues who may be interested but may not be CCWH members. We welcome all participants.

To generate some discussion, and overcome the distance that separates us, we propose to begin with a moderated online conference call in mid-August in the form of a wide-ranging discussion about the original report, to be followed by a second discussion in early October of three or four articles that take us into areas beyond that which the report covered. Our hope is that from this discussion will flow ideas for events, panels, and perhaps even courses you might teach in 2020.

If you are interested in participating, please add your name and email address to this Google Document:

Best wishes,

Elise, Magda, Nancy, and Rhonda

Canadian Committee on Women’s History Reception | Réception du Comité canadien sur l’histoire des femmes


17:30 – 20:00 | 17h30 – 20h00 (PETER WALL IDEAS LOUNGE & PATIO, UCLL 174)

(UCLL is the Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre, located at 6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver)

All are welcome. Entry $20 for full-time faculty, $10 for students & underemployed people. Beer/wine available for purchase.

Ouvert à tous. Les frais d’entrée sont de 20$ pour les professeur.e.s à temps plein et de $10 pour les étudiant.e.s et les personnes ayant un emploi précaire. Du vin et de la bière seront vendus sur place. 

To get from BUCH D (where most CHA sessions will be held) to UCLL (where the reception will take place) without stars

Map of the UBC Campus with instructions on getting to UCLL.

Click to Embiggen

(PDF Version of CCWH Reception – Map)

Exit BUCH D via the west doors, cross Crescent Road at the crosswalk right outside BUCH D, and then travel west on Crescent Road. There is a slight incline up Crescent Road. At the top of this incline, you will be in the Flag Pole Plaza. This is also a Mobility Assistance Shuttle stop.

The Rose Garden Parkade Elevator has an entrance from outdoors, on the east side of the plaza. Take the elevator down one floor to Level 5 (for University Centre Lower Level, UCLL) and exit into the parkade. Turn right to leave the parkade, and then turn left into the Rose Garden. Travel west through the middle path of the Rose Garden, and then continue down a slight decline towards UCLL.

This will be your view:

Image of the location of the CCWH Reception near the UCLL

Enter the UCLL building through the doors on your left; these have a power-assist feature. Once inside the building, turn right, travel down the ramp, and turn right again. The Ideas Lounge (Room 174) will be on your right. Entrance to the room is by ramp or stairs.

All speakers at the event will use a microphone. There will be limited but some seating available.

The elevator might be in high use for Congress, so if stairs are an option for you, then there are several other possible routes, including a flight on the west side of Flag Pole Plaza

If you have other questions or concerns about accessing the event, please contact Laura Ishiguro at

You can find general accessibility information for Congress 2019 on the Congress website here:

BOOK CELEBRATION at Congress, 3 June 2019.

Hello everyone,

This is a quick reminder to those of you who have published a monograph or edited collection in 2018-2019 to contact your Press about including your work in our CCWH-CCHF book celebration at Congress.  I have already heard from the following presses:  BTL, UBC, U of T, and Athabasca.  If you have published elsewhere, please have your marketing rep contact me as soon as possible at

All the best,

Lisa Chilton

Rise Up! A Digital Archive of Feminist Activism Teaching Resources Feedback

Rise Up! A Digital Archive of Feminist Activism is looking to expanding their existing teaching resources section. As part of the process, they are seeking feedback from anyone who might have used these resources or the archives in their teaching and/or research. If you have used these resources and want to help out, you can get in touch with the archive at

The Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund 2019

The Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund 2019 competition is now accepting applications!

The Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund is now accepting applications.

The Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund was established with the primary objective of continuing, promoting, and supporting work in women’s and gender history from afeminist perspective. More specifically, the Fund supports historical research at the doctoral level in the following areas: women and ethnicity, women and religion, women and work, women and social reform, women and education, women and family. The Fund is administered by the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women- Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes (CRIAW-ICREF), Ottawa, Canada.

This award consists of one grant of $1,000. Each project is evaluated by members of a special jury, whose decisions are final. No individual critiques can be provided. If no submissions meet the jury’s requirements, the grant money will be returned to the Fund for a possible double award the following year.

Doctoral students who are in the latter stages of their thesis or dissertation are eligible to apply. There are no citizenship restrictions as long as the applicant is attached to a Canadian institution for the duration of the grant, or the research has application in the Canadian environment. Applications can be made in either official language, English or French.


  • The subject matter of the research project must support the aims of the Fund, as described above.
  • The research project must be well-defined in terms of objectives, implementation, and expected results, and must reflect good scholarship.

Candidates should send one electronic copy of their C.V. and of their application(except the letters of recommendation, but including the names and emails of their referees) by midnight 23 April, 2019 to Please indicate ‘Marta D. application’ in the subject line.

Deadline for application is April 23rd, 2019.


For more information, including the grant application form, check out: 

CCWH Book Launch and Reception

Chères\Chers collègues,

Avez-vous publié une monographie ou un recueil collectif en 2018-2019?

Si vous souhaitez faire un lancement de votre ouvrage lors de la réception du CCWC-CCHF, le lundi 3 juin entre 17h30 et 20h00, au , svp, contactez-moi ( sera un plaisir de souligner votre réalisation et, par la même occasion, de promouvoir votre livre!

Au plaisir de vous lire!


Lisa Chilton

Dear colleagues,

Did you publish a monograph or edited collection in 2018-2019? If you would like to launch your book at the CCWH reception on Monday June 3 from 5:30-8:00 at the University of British Columbia, please get in touch with me ( I am organizing the event and will be happy to promote your book and celebrate your achievement. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Lisa Chilton

Newly Published: IFRWH Newsletter 2018-2019

Now available at the link below!

IFRWH Newsletter WINTER 20182019


We would like to remind you that, while we are sponsoring a keynote speaker in our guaranteed spot at the CHA meeting in 2019, we would still be happy to endorse panels that engage effectively with women’s and gender history.  If you are planning such a panel and would like us to lend our support, do let us know.  Both of us have out-of-town commitments from October 10-14, so we’d appreciate hearing from you by 11:59 pm, October 8.  Send your submission by email attachment to Willeen at wkeough[at]sfu[dot]ca.  Hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Reminder: CHA

Hope you are all in recovery from the start-of-semester chaos.

Just writing to remind you that the CHA has posted its cfp for Congress, 2019, at UBC (see link at The deadline for submissions is October 15. We are hoping to see many of you at Congress and will do our best to order up better weather than the last time (brrrr).

We are planning to use our one guaranteed spot for a keynote speaker this time around (details to follow), but we just want those of you who are planning panels around women’s and gender history to know that we would be happy to lend the support of the CCWH-CCHF to your submission. Let us know, as we would love to acknowledge all the excellent work that you are doing.

All best,

Willeen and Lara

Announcement: Book Launch

Come and enjoy the launch of Rhonda Hinther’s new book, Perogies and Politics: Canada’s Ukrainian Left, 1891-1991. Copies of the book will be for sale. All are welcome! —– In Perogies and Politics, Rhonda Hinther explores the twentieth-century history of the Ukrainian left in Canada from the standpoint of the women, men, and children who formed and fostered it. For twentieth-century leftist Ukrainians, culture and politics were inextricably linked. The interaction of Ukrainian socio-cultural identity with Marxist-Leninism resulted in one of the most dynamic national working-class movements Canada has ever known. The Ukrainian left’s success lay in its ability to meet the needs of and speak in meaningful, respectful, and empowering ways to its supporters’ experiences and interests as individuals and as members of a distinct immigrant working-class community. This offered to Ukrainians a radical social, cultural, and political alternative to the fledgling Ukrainian churches and right-wing Ukrainian nationalist movements. Hinther’s colourful and in-depth work reveals how left-wing Ukrainians were affected by changing social, economic, and political forces and how they in turn responded to and challenged these forces.


For more information, check out the Facebook group here:

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