Canadian Committee on Women's History – Comité canadien de l'histoire des femmes


Stipend Negotiable

Attention:  Scholars in Social History and/or Women’s Studies
Are you a post-graduate student looking for a compelling research topic?
Or perhaps you are an established academic with an interest in tracking the origins and evolution of one of Canada’s foremost national women’s organizations?
Or you may be newly retired and looking for the kind of satisfying project that you now have the time to pursue?

Our Story
The Canadian Federation of University Women – La Fédération canadienne des femmes diplômées des universités CFUW-FCFDU  was formed in 1919 from independently operating University Women’s Clubs at Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Toronto, Winnipeg and Victoria, and the Alumnae Society of McGill, and was a founding member of the International Federation of University Women (now GWI) itself part of the international peace initiative. CFUW, became a self-funded Canada-wide advocate for promoting higher education for women, whose early sponsorships including the research of Dr. Marie Curie.

By the 1960’s, with over 100 clubs from all parts of the country, CFUW-FCFDU had become an active participant in advising and recommending critical social and political changes at both the provincial and national levels.

We are very proud that while little recognized in conventional histories, CFUW-FCFDU advocacy significantly improved, and continues to improve, the fundamental rights, freedoms and opportunities of girls and women both at home and abroad.

Our Offer
As part of our 100th year celebrations, CFUW-FCFDU is looking for a qualified researcher/writer who will agree to write our organization’s history in the context of Canadian social history in exchange for full independent access to our archival materials and a stipend payable on a progressive basis as work is produced per a mutually agreeable performance contract with proposed completion of a copy ready document expected in 2019. Time lines are negotiable.

The method of publication will be determined.

Original materials are housed at both our national office and at Libraries and Archives Canada, both located in Ottawa. Among the archival materials are:  CFUW publications, documents in the form of private letters and official correspondence, speeches, conference agendas, minutes, resolutions, numerous official briefs and reports as well as many newspaper clippings, extensive photographic material and privately prepared national, provincial and club histories biographical material on influential women in our organization. Many CFUW publications are available in digital form. Historical information including the recently published Past Presidents Biographies (1919-2016) can be found at under the tab “Who We Are”.

How you can apply:
You can apply by sending us an email outlining your initial “Expression of Interest” on or before June 30, 2017 to the attention of Robin Jackson, CFUW Executive Director at with the following information:
Name and full contact information including email and preferred telephone number
Why you are interested in writing our history (500 words or less) including any ideas you have for additional funding
Your C.V. including any academic or professional projects currently in progress
Additional information:
CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded group with over 100 Clubs, and over 8400 members, located in every province across Canada.
CFUW works to improve the status of women and girls, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace. It holds special consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC) and belongs to the Education Committee of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
CFUW is the largest affiliate of Graduate Women International (GWI). This was formerly called the International Federation of University Women. (IFUW).
A CFUW Advisory Committee has prepared a draft outline for consideration by a prospective writer, and is available to assist with research at the request of the selected writer. This project had been started but the original writer has had to discontinue her work due to serious illness. Her work on Chapter 1 and preliminary work on chapter 2 may be used at the discretion of the selected writer.

Please contact Robin Jackson at with any questions. To learn more about CFUW go to

Something to Share – A Storify of the CCWH/CCHF at the 2017 CHA/SHC conference.

Please complete our survey (June 15th) – Veuillez compléter notre sondage (le 15 juin)

**This is a repost of an earlier description of the CCWH/CCHF survey of past, present and potential future members.  We are extending the survey one final time to June 15th. Please complete the survey and send this link through your networks****

(English to follow)

En réponse à un questionnement en cours au sujet de l’inclusion et de la diversité au sein du Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes/Canadian Committee on Women’s History, un Comité ad hoc sur la représentation a été institué afin de recevoir les commentaires et suggestions des membres CCHF/CCWH et de l’exécutif quant à la voie à suivre. En ce sens, le Comité ad hoc sur la représentation aimerait avoir votre opinion au sujet de possibles changements au CCHF/CCWH.

Le Comité invite quiconque s’intéressant à l’histoire des femmes et du genre, toute aire géographique et période historique confondue, résidant tant au Canada qu’à l’étranger, à remplir ce sondage qu’il ou elle soit membre ou non du CCHF/CCWH ou prévoit le devenir. Aucune question n’est obligatoire : libre à vous de choisir de répondre à autant (ou à aussi peu) d’entre elles que souhaité. Tout dépendant de l’abondance de vos commentaires, ce sondage prendra entre 10 et 30 minutes. La date limite pour y répondre est le 15 Juin 2017.

Comme nous espérons recevoir le plus grand éventail possible de réponses, n’hésitez pas à diffuser ce lien dans vos réseaux. Nous vous remercions de contribuer aux efforts du CCHF/CCWH visant à bien répondre aux besoins de ses membres actuels ainsi qu’à élargir la communauté des historiennes et des historiens des femmes et du genre au Canada.


In response to an ongoing discussion about inclusiveness and diversity within the Canadian Committee on Women’s History/Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes, an Ad Hoc Committee on Representation was established to collect feedback from the membership and executive on how to address this issue. The Ad Hoc Committee on Representation would like your input on possible changes to the CCWH/CCHF.

The Committee invites everyone with an interest in women’s and gender history, working in any geographical region and time period, residing in Canada or elsewhere to complete this survey, whether or not they are members or intend to become members of the CCWH/CCHF. No questions are mandatory, so you may choose to answer as few or as many questions as you like. Depending on the amount of detail you include in your comments, the survey will take between 10 and 30 minutes. The survey will close on June 15, 2017.

We hope to receive the widest possible distribution for the survey, so please feel free to share this link through your networks. Thank you for contributing to the CCWH/CCHF’s ongoing efforts to serve its existing members’ needs and expand the community of women’s and gender historians in Canada.


Ordre du jour – Assemblée générale annuelle du CCHF/ Agenda – CCWH Annual General Meeting Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Ryerson University

See you in KHW 57 at 11:45. The agenda is really packed so we will get started right on time. Hopefully, we will finish a bit early.

  1. Ouverture de la séance / Call to Order
  2. Ordre du jour / Agenda
  3. Procès-verbal de la réunion annuelle de 2016 / Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting
  4. Rapport de la présidente / Chair’s Report : Karen Balcom
  5. Rapport de la présidente associé / Vice-Chair’s Report : Carmen Neilson
  6. Rapport du trésorier / Treasurer’s Report : Dominique Clement
  7. Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes / Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women : Lisa Pasolli
  8. Prix Marta Danylewycz/Marta Danylewycz Prize : Lisa Pasolli
  9. Prix Hilda Neatby/Hilda Neatby Prize : Patrizia Gentile (Christabelle Sethna)
  10. Update: Joint CCWH-CCHF and CATR event / Mise à jour : événement conjoint du CCHF-CCWH et de la CATR : Tarah Brookfield
  11. Proposition de soutien financier pour le projet de livre pour enfants par le Collectif la Déferlante / Proposal for CCWH-CCHF support for the Children’s Book project from Making Waves History Collective : Nancy Janovicek
  12. Website & Proposal for Social Media Position / Site web & proposition de création d’un poste de responsable des médias sociaux
  13. International Federation for Research in Women’s History/Federation Internationale Pour la Recherche en Histoire des Femmes : Lara Campbell
  14. Survey of Members Project Update/ Des nouvelles du projet de sondage auprès des membres : Katrina Ackerman and Patrizia Gentile
  15. Exécutif du CCHF, représentantes régionales et autre groupes 2017-2018/CCWH Executive, Regional and Group Representatives for 2017-2018
  16. CCWH Book Prize 2017-18 / Prix du livre du CCHF 2017-2018
  17. Varia / Other Business
  18. Ajournement/Adjournment

Final Panel and AGM on Wednesday Morning

Enjoy Clio-Palooza, but remember we still have work to do tomorrow.  Our last panel is on at 10:15 in KHW 57 with our Annual Meeting is on at 11:45 in KHW 57. We will post the agenda here later tonight.

Here Comes Our Second CCWH/CCHF Panel at the CHA!

Monday, 1:15 – 2:45, POD 156

And remember, our members are in lots of other panels and women’s and gender history is everywhere.  Let us know! #ccwh2017.

And then go to the reception – see post below for directions

REMINDER: Reception and Book Launch – Monday, May 29th, 5 pm – 7 pm/ réception annuelle et le lancement de livres – lundi 29 mai de 17h à 19h

[Français à suivre]

The Annual CCWH/CCHF Reception and Book Launch will be held in Toronto on Monday May 29 from 5-7PM at 165 Delaware Ave, the home of Franca Iacovetta and Ian Radforth. Light refreshments will be served and a number of exciting new books from our members, including two shortlisted for the John A. Macdonald Award, will be launched. We look forward to gathering together and celebrating another year of our collective efforts to build a vibrant and diverse community of women’s and gender historians in Canada.

Our practice is to ask for donations at the door to cover some of our costs.  Our suggested donation for those who are fully employed is $20.00. For all others it is $10.00.

Please note that everyone is welcome at the CCWH/CCHF party; you do not have to be a member to attend and we welcome all who are interested in our work and looking for connections.  Please encourage students to attend. If you are able, you might consider paying on behalf of a student.

Directions to 165 Delaware Ave:

By subway: Go to Ossington Station on the Bloor-Danforth line. Take the Delaware Ave. exit from the station. At the street, turn left and cross Bloor Street and proceed down Delaware Ave less than a half block to 165 Delaware Ave.
If coming by car, note that parking can be difficult. Near the house, Delaware Ave. is one-way northbound.


La réception annuelle et le lancement de livres du CCHF/CCWH auront lieu à Toronto le lundi 29 mai de 17h à 19h, à la résidence de Franca Iacovetta et Ian Radforth située au 165, avenue Delaware. Un léger goûter sera servi au cours de cette réception où nous procéderons au lancement de plusieurs ouvrages passionnants qu’ont fait paraître nos membres, incluant deux livres en lice pour le prix Sir-John-A.-Macdonald. Nous avons hâte de vous voir et de célébrer une autre année d’efforts collectifs visant à construire une communauté dynamique et diversifiée d’historiennes des femmes et du genre au Canada.

Nous avons pour coutume de demander des dons à l’entrée comme contribution à certains des frais engagés. Le montant suggéré est de 20 $ pour les personnes détenant un emploi permanent à temps plein et de 10 $ pour toutes les autres.

Toutes et tous sont bienvenu(e)s à la réception du CCHF/CCWH. Nul besoin d’être membre pour être présent(e) : nous accueillons quiconque s’intéresse à nos travaux et souhaite réseauter. Prière d’encourager les étudiant(e)s à assister à la réception. Si cela vous est possible, vous pourriez d’ailleurs songer à assumer le coût de l’entrée de l’un(e) d’eux.

Indications pour se rendre au 165, avenue Delaware :

En métro :  Prendre la ligne Bloor-Danforth jusqu’à la station Ossington. Se diriger vers la sortie Delaware Ave. Une fois sur la rue, tourner à gauche et traverser Bloor Street. Continuer sur Delaware Ave. (pendant moins d’un demi-pâté de maisons) jusqu’au 165, Delaware Ave.

Si vous choisissez de venir en voiture, trouver un endroit où stationner peut s’avérer difficile. Notez aussi que près de la résidence où se tiendra la réception, la circulation sur l’avenue Delaware s’effectue à sens unique vers le nord.


Hashtag it!

Will you be tweeting at the CCWH-CCHF sponsored panels? Sharing info with your followers about women’s and gender history papers at #congressh? Hashtag it with #ccwh2017 . And, don’t forget to check out the hashtag so you won’t miss a thing!

Bulletin CCHF- CCWH Newsletter 2016-2017

Catch up on all the CCWH/CCHF news! The 2016-2017 newsletter is now available. Find it attached here. 2016-2017 CCWH Newsletter
Renseignez-vous sur toutes les nouvelles du CCWH / CCHF! Le bulletin 2016-2017 est maintenant disponible. Trouvez-le ici. Bulletin 2016-17 CCHF

Message Re International Travellers Going to the Berkshire Conference

Hello CCWH Friends and Colleagues:

For those intending or still thinking about attending the 2017 Big Berks, a message for International goers from current President and host, Susan Yohn. As we gather for Congress, CHA, CCWH, and other events in Toronto, those still wondering about getting to the Berks might ask about any potential spaces available in one of the car pools heading (from various locations) to New York, and those with a space (or two) in their vehicle might let me know that too. If volume warrants, I will have a RA co-ordinate some of this last-minute planning.

Franca Iacovetta,
Past President & Trustee, Berkshire Conference

Hempstead, New York, June 1 – 4, 2017
Thinking and Talking About Women, Genders,
& Sexualities Inside and Outside the Acade
A digital version of the print program is now available at

Message for Internationals

We are very excited that you are coming to the Berkshire Conference.  Please join us on Thursday evening, June 1, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at a reception to welcome our international participants.  It will be held in the Hofstra University Art Museum/Emily Lowe Gallery. The museum curators have hung a wonderful exhibit in conjunction with the Berkshire Conference, “Converging Voices: Gender and Identity,” and we are pleased to be able to use this lovely space.

About travel: We hope that you won’t face any problems at immigration. If you do, you can call the Hofstra hospitality center at  (516) 463 – 6925 and they will get a message to me or another member of the local arrangements committee. You can also send email to  It is checked on a regular basis.

About transportation:   We have arranged with SuperShuttle to provide transportation. You will have to use this link to make a reservation and pay for the service,  This is the easiest and fastest way to get to Hofstra but it is the more expensive option.

The less expensive option is to take mass transport via the Long Island Railroad.  You can see your choices by going to the Conference FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),  and clicking on “Directions for Getting to Hofstra: Driving, Train/Shuttle to Hofstra”.

There is an AirTrain from JFK to the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Jamaica station where you can catch a train east to Mineola or Hempstead.  If you are arriving at Newark airport you will need to get to Penn Station in Manhattan (not Newark NJ – note that there are two Penn Stations) and then take the LIRR from Penn Station. There are direct trains from Penn Station/Manhattan to Mineola.

We will be running a shuttle bus from both the Mineola and Hempstead train stations to the campus.  Attached you will find a schedule. Please note that even though this schedule begins on Thursday, the times colored in gold pertain to the regular Hofstra shuttle which runs Monday – Friday.  If you are arriving on Thursday, the green shaded times also apply as we have added additional service for the duration of the conference.

Finally, if you want to take a taxi to campus, we recommend that you pre-reserve with a local Long Island taxi service. Their information can be found on the FAQ page or at the end of the attached train scheduled.  JFK is in New York City.  If you get in a NYC yellow or green cab they will charge you double the amount as they technically only serve within the city boundaries. Hofstra is in the suburbs beyond city limits.

Beginning on Wednesday evening you can also call 516-463-9735 if you have problems.

We wish you a safe journey and look forward to meeting you,

Susan M. Yohn
President, Berkshire Conference of Women Historians
Professor of History, Hofstra University

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