Hello CCWGH-CCHFG Members

I hope this email finds you well. As you all know the Canadian Committee on Women’s and Gender History/Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes et du genre will not be holding an in-person AGM in 2020 due to Covid-19. Most items that would have been dealt with at the AGM have simply been pushed to the next AGM in 2021. However, there are a few time sensitive items that need to be dealt with before that time. After much discussion we have decided the most easy and equitable way to deal with the matters is to present you with three proposals (outlined below). In one week’s time on May 5, 2020 we will send a Survey Monkey survey to all current member addresses. It will also be posted on all our social media outlets. Please use the survey to cast your vote either “for,” “against” or “abstain.”

Please note only members in good standing can vote in any AGM. If you have not renewed your membership please do so at http://chashcacommittees-comitesa.ca/ccwh-cchf/

If your email needs updating please advise Treasurer Dominique Clement immediately by emailing dominique.clement@ualberta.ca

If there are additional issues that MUST be dealt with prior to the 2021 AGM please email the Chair, Heather Stanley at heathermichellestanley@gmail.com


Proposal #1 Maintaining Current Member Service Roles

In order to maintain continuity and avoid the difficulties of an election in such times we have asked all members serving as part of the executive or in as representatives to add an extra year to their term. We have asked all serving members rather than only those who would normally be up for election so that there would not be a complete turnover in 2021. Currently all members affected have agreed.

Proposal #1 Given the upheaval of the Covid-19 the current members of the executive and those serving as representatives are allowed to add an additional year to their current service requirements.

Proposal #2 Paying Webmaster Andrea Eidinger Her Yearly Stipend.

Each year Andrea Eidinger is paid a stipend to compensate her for the extensive work she does in maintaining our website. Last year her stipend was increased to $1500. We propose to pay Andrea her normal yearly stipend of $1500 plus an extra $300 to compensate her for the extensive additional work that was required to digitally change our Committee name to include Gender/genre.

Proposal #2 Andrea Eidinger should be paid her yearly stipend of $1500 plus an additional one time payment of $300 for her work as webmaster this year.

Proposal #3 Moving Our Website

As of this year the Canadian Historical Association has decided it will no longer host websites for its affiliated committees. Instead it offered to move those websites under the control of Bell. However, after considerable research it was discovered that by moving to Bell we would lose much of the control over our website and would not be able to host dynamic aspects of our website such as announcements or the blog. It was recommended to maintain our website as it currently exists, we should host it ourselves. This will cost between $200 and $300 per year. This will also allow us to fix several issues we had with the old website including issues changing the Committee name and collecting dues online.

Proposal #3 We should host our own website at the cost of $200 to $300 per year.

Proposal #4 Paying Andrea Eidinger to Move the Current Website

Whether we move the website to the Bell platform or host our own website it requires considerable work to facilitate that move. We propose that Andrea Eidinger be paid an additional $500 to complete this task by the deadline set by the CHA. Andrea agrees this is fair compensation.

Proposal #4 Pay Andrea Eidinger $500 to move the current CCWGH-CCHFG to the new platform. 

Thank you,

Heather Stanley